This is my life.

Some of you may know the start of this beautiful story, but for those of you that don’t, I would like to share a bit.  That way you will know what this moment at Wendy’s means to me.

My baby girl, Raelynn, was born at 26 weeks.  She was two pounds one ounce & she was 14 inches long.  Just a bit longer than a #2 pencil!  When she was 15 days old she was flown out to Children’s Hospital Minneapolis & had her large intestine removed.  Thank the Lord, she was only out in Minnesota for 18 days and then flown back to Bismarck St. Alexius NICU.  After a collapsed lung & almost a month of not knowing if she would even make it through the day, she started getting stronger & bigger.  And, the doc at the NICU started calling her a “Diva”!  After three months in the NICU, we finally got to take our five pound baby girl home with us.

Going through all of this only made us stronger as a family & stronger in our faith.

I know that now.

I learned to not take things for granted.  I’m still guilty of that, but I try to work on it every day.  With God’s help, I see the beauty in his creation every single morning, when I wake up my smiling munchkin!!

Now, to this moment captured last evening (February 26, 2014).  My little two and a half year old, going on 14, was such a lady last night.  Before our Awana program at church last night, she & I went to Wendy’s for supper.  She stood so patiently in line while we waited for our food.  She hung her coat up on the chair, just like mommy did.  She sat across from me at the table, with no booster seat.  She stayed in her seat when I went to get her ketchup.  She politely asked permission to get down from her chair when she was finished eating & waited for me to finish my food & clean her up.  I was SO proud of my girl.  She may not be like this all the time, but it was one of those moments that made me fully realize she is no longer my baby.  Even though, in a sense, she will always be my baby, she is a little lady growing into her own.  And, a strong little lady, at that!!

So, here’s to those moments in time, when the big picture falls in to place & we remember to be thankful for the little things in life!  Have a blessed day!


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