My new Vision

Speaking of time.  We’ve determined that there is not enough of it.  Or, maybe it’s more that I just don’t use it wisely!  I know I’m not the only one!

One of my “projects” earlier this year was inspired by this post from The Peaceful Mom (this is one of the first blogs that I started following when I actually figured out what a blog was).  One thing that I’ve learned from this blog is that we have to be more “purposeful” with our time and energy.  I really appreciate this idea.

Unfortunately, my time and energy is often wasted.  Whether I’m worried or concerned about things that are only in God’s control, or, maybe, I’m focusing on things that just make me angry (like my husband watching too much television lately – NCAA is on, UGH), or maybe I’m just being plain lazy.


Anyway, this blog post from The Peaceful Mom sort of started my new journey this year – including taking a class on blogging, so that I could share this!  So, here is MY vision board, inspired by her post.

vision board

If anything, this is just my sincere effort to start managing my time (and my finances and my goals and my household and my EVERYTHING ELSE) better!!

Wish me luck!



My Lesson on Time


March 18th…….

Yes, it’s ALREADY March 18, 2014.  There’s only 281 days until Christmas!  THAT’S CRAZY!!  My daughter will be THREE in June!  THAT’S EVEN CRAZIER!

Where does time go??!!??!

This past Sunday we went to church and the Associate Pastor spoke.  He was great – a little hyper, maybe even a little ADHD – but his message was definitely delivered, and I will always be grateful for that, because I NEEDED the message badly!  It was one of those God things that some people may call a coincidence.

I don’t believe in coincidences.

Anyway, one of the things that he said (that punched me in the heart) was this….  We all say we are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.  ALWAYS BUSY.  I’m guilty of it, especially within the last year or so.  But, God gives us 24 hours in the day and WE CHOOSE how to spend it.  Yes, we have to work and, yes, we have to pay bills.  But, there are so many more hours than that, and we can pick and choose

~ if we want to be happy,

~ if we want to spend time with people that we love,

~ if we want to spend that time worrying or being angry,

~ if we want to do things that hurt ourselves or others, or

~ if we want to do things to help ourselves or others.

It’s a gift!!

Time is a gift.

Don’t forget that.

And, if I do forget, please remind me!!!



Pinterest is my addiction! Check it out!

I have not figured out how to attach a link to my page for my Pinterest boards, so I thought I’d just post it here!!

Looking for creativity???  Check it out here!

But, be forewarned……..

It really IS an addiction!! =)

ND Becoming an Outdoors Woman workshop

I’m grateful to have added a new hobby during my last visit to the North Dakota Becoming an Outdoors Woman workshop!  It took place the weekend of February 22nd near Lake Metigoshie State Park, Bottineau, ND.  My mom and I drove up on a VERY COLD Friday afternoon and came home Sunday, completely wiped out from so much fun and freezing!

The first class we took Saturday morning was called “Bling for Survivalists”.  And, this is what we made!

My favorite color is purple, so I stuck with the same theme while making my bracelet and lanyard!  (For those of you that don’t hunt, the lanyard has ties on it to secure the calls you would use while hunting.  For example, coyote calls can be secured onto the loop ends, then you don’t have to worry about losing them or leaving them behind!)  I just grabbed the book that the class instructor suggested off EBay last week – great instruction and fun projects!!  There are SO many cool things to make with paracord!!

I was also excited to take another couple of classes during this COLD weekend workshop!  I got to go darkhouse spearfishing which was great to see how everything is done, but man, if the fish aren’t moving……BORING!   The one time I didn’t bring a book while fishing.  Oops, I will never make that mistake again, though I don’t think the instructor would appreciate that much!  And, I was able to take a class on Fur Handling – yes, it’s something I’ve wanted to learn for a long time.  We skinned two muskrats and one beaver, then fleshed the hide and put it on a stretcher.  Very cool process!!  Probably another project that will one day cost me money!  But, oh well!

If you don’t already know about the B.O.W. program, take a peek here to see our local North Dakota program information!!  There is a B.O.W. program in almost every state, so check it out!  They are even on Facebook, too!

Blogging class – Night Two!

So, here we are again! Final night of blogging class through BSC Enrichment Courses! Fun class & learned a ton!

Thanks to Mike Renner (check out his website here) for being a patient & fun teacher!  Currently, we are learning how to add links to our posts!!  Did you see that???  Too cool!