My new Vision

Speaking of time.  We’ve determined that there is not enough of it.  Or, maybe it’s more that I just don’t use it wisely!  I know I’m not the only one!

One of my “projects” earlier this year was inspired by this post from The Peaceful Mom (this is one of the first blogs that I started following when I actually figured out what a blog was).  One thing that I’ve learned from this blog is that we have to be more “purposeful” with our time and energy.  I really appreciate this idea.

Unfortunately, my time and energy is often wasted.  Whether I’m worried or concerned about things that are only in God’s control, or, maybe, I’m focusing on things that just make me angry (like my husband watching too much television lately – NCAA is on, UGH), or maybe I’m just being plain lazy.


Anyway, this blog post from The Peaceful Mom sort of started my new journey this year – including taking a class on blogging, so that I could share this!  So, here is MY vision board, inspired by her post.

vision board

If anything, this is just my sincere effort to start managing my time (and my finances and my goals and my household and my EVERYTHING ELSE) better!!

Wish me luck!



The road {of less} traveled

I have been struggling.

So many people struggle.  I think that’s part of life.  God gives us what we can handle, or He gives us more than we can handle, but He’s always there by our side on ANY road we are traveling.  I believe this.  He is ALWAYS holding on to us, no matter how bad the storm is.  And, some storms are much, much worse than others.

My struggle is nothing “serious”, in fact some of you may ask why I’m even posting this ridiculous “struggle”.  Yet, this is something that I’ve dealt with for a VERY LONG TIME (basically forever)!!

I’m an addict.  It runs in the family.

My addiction (besides food in general) is Diet Coke.  Preferably, fountain Diet Coke.  In fact, now that I wrote those words down, my mouth is salivating.  McDonald’s on Main Street in Bismarck has THE BEST fountain Diet Coke with South Perkins in close second.

UGH, now I’m drooling.

Ok, enough of this.

Twenty four days ago, we found out that my brother in law possibly had cancer (they are still not sure what it is – but they are hoping to rule out cancer).  He’s 33.  He has three amazing youngsters and a beautiful young wife.  I should have cancer, not him.  I’m going to have cancer…..probably.  Isn’t the statistic one in three now end up with cancer or something significant like that???  That’s crazy.  Most of it could probably be prevented, but the crap we put in our bodies just continues like a disease itself!

Anyway, it’s day 23 of no diet coke (I can’t capitalize it anymore – it can’t mean that much to me).  So, I’m taking the road and traveling it with NO diet coke.  This is in honor of an incident that scared everyone close to me (which hopefully ends up being nothing).  And, also in honor of my beautiful daughter whom I want to be around for when she graduates and gets married and has kids of her own.

So, NO diet coke.  Well………sort of.

I had to stop and get a diet pepsi on my way to work.

Oh my goodness, is this bad???  Yes, yes, this is bad.  But, I’m giving myself one cheat.  Well, technically two, cause this is the second diet pepsi I’ve had in the last 23 days.

Actually, it’s officially three cheats, because I had a half of a can of diet coke with some Hot Damn one night last week.  I have to find a different favorite alcohol, I guess.

But, NO MORE.  In my mind, I NEEDED this diet pepsi this morning and that is where I don’t want to be again.  That is the addict part of me talking.

So, here’s to all of you who are struggling out there.  Whether it’s something minor, like I consider this one to be, or something major.  Either way, it’s still a struggle.  And, we will travel this road together.

And, frankly, if I can quit drinking diet coke for good, than I can do anything I put my mind and heart to.  With God’s help, of course!!!

Have a brilliant day!

Pinterest is my addiction! Check it out!

I have not figured out how to attach a link to my page for my Pinterest boards, so I thought I’d just post it here!!

Looking for creativity???  Check it out here!

But, be forewarned……..

It really IS an addiction!! =)