My new Vision

Speaking of time.  We’ve determined that there is not enough of it.  Or, maybe it’s more that I just don’t use it wisely!  I know I’m not the only one!

One of my “projects” earlier this year was inspired by this post from The Peaceful Mom (this is one of the first blogs that I started following when I actually figured out what a blog was).  One thing that I’ve learned from this blog is that we have to be more “purposeful” with our time and energy.  I really appreciate this idea.

Unfortunately, my time and energy is often wasted.  Whether I’m worried or concerned about things that are only in God’s control, or, maybe, I’m focusing on things that just make me angry (like my husband watching too much television lately – NCAA is on, UGH), or maybe I’m just being plain lazy.


Anyway, this blog post from The Peaceful Mom sort of started my new journey this year – including taking a class on blogging, so that I could share this!  So, here is MY vision board, inspired by her post.

vision board

If anything, this is just my sincere effort to start managing my time (and my finances and my goals and my household and my EVERYTHING ELSE) better!!

Wish me luck!



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